Week Date Links
1 01/06/2015 PDF: Introduction Lecture
  01/08/2015 PDF: HTML 5 Lecture

Links From Lecture:
- The Mother of All Demos Video on Youtube
- SVG using PaperCube
- 9 Mind-Blowing Canvas Demos
- Mozilla Canvas Demos
- HTML5 Form Demo
- HTML5 Color Picker
- Dive Into HTML
- W3 Schools
- World Wide Web Consortium

Calculator Demo: Github Repo
2 01/13/2015 PDF: CSS Lecture
ZIP: CSS Lecture Demos
  01/15/2015 Same as 01/13/2015
3 01/20/2015 Same as 01/13/2015
  01/22/2015 PDF: JavaScript Lecture
ZIP: JavaScript Lecture Demos
4 01/27/2015 JavaScript Continued from 01/22/2015
  01/29/2015 PDF: Canvas Tag
PDF: APIs and JSON Lecture
ZIP: Books App Demo
5 02/03/2015 APIs and JSON continued from 1/29/2015
PDF: JavaScript Design Patterns Lecture
ZIP: Design Pattern Demos
  02/05/2015 JavaScript Design Patterns from 02/03/2015
PDF: MVC in JavaScript and Ember Intro
ZIP: Ember-CLI App
6 02/10/2015 MVC in JavaScript and Ember Intro Continued
PDF: Ember Object Model
  02/12/2015 PDF: Ember Templates
7 02/17/2015 Ember Templates continued.
PDF: Ember Naming Conventions
PDF: Ember Routes
ZIP: Basic Ember Route Demo
  02/19/2015 PDF: Ember Controllers
ZIP: Basic Books App In Ember
8 02/24/2015 PDF: Ember Components
PDF: Ember Views
ZIP: Full Ember Books App Demo With Queries and Components
  02/26/2015 PDF: Ember Data
ZIP: Books With Ember Data
9 03/03/2015 Ember Data continued.
PDF: Testing Ember
ZIP: Books With Integration and Unit Tests
PDF: Optimizing Apps For Production
ZIP: jQuery Minification
  03/05/2015 PDF: Introduction to iOS Development
ZIP: iOS UIWebView and PhoneGap Demos
Guest Lecture about Android Development
10 03/10/2015 Demos & Final Project Critique
  03/12/2015 Demos & Final Project Critique